Everyone Can Animate! is a project I started in order to make the joy of animating more accessible to everyone, especially those who have never animated before, including children and teens. As an Assistant Professor of Media Arts, I am constantly witnessing the power that animating has for college students, as it provides a space for: creative experimentation, sharing and developing one’s voice, storytelling, more deeply exploring the power of abstraction, incorporating/offering both handmade and digital modes of art making, and its’ often cathartic and meditative effects as a time-based and time-consuming medium. Over the past several years I have facilitated animation workshops for toddlers, children, and teenagers (and even their parents, as they can hardly stand by and not join in!), and I’ve experienced the absolute joy of watching folx learn what one child once described as “making magic.”

Here, I will work to continually organize resources for anyone interested in learning animation. I will continue providing my own documents I’ve written with instructions for various animation production practices, and I will also share internet resources, free smartphone apps, and new tools and gadgets, in an effort to make animation production more accessible for everyone! There will be free resources for beginners, intermediate, and advanced animators!

I myself am also available to organize and facilitate animation workshops for children, teens, and other communities. Photos of some of my past work with youth communities are posted below. Please contact me with any questions or interest, or if you have your own resources you’d love to share!- kelly@purpleriot.com . Happy animating!

Everyone Can Animate!