MY GOSSIP ZINE Volume 1! + Submissions Open for Volume 2!


(For a mobile-friendly, easy-to-swipe version of the zine above, click here!)

At the end of 2018, filmmaker Kelly Gallagher made a short animated documentary, My Gossip, about the radical importance of women’s close friendships and how they were historically weaponized against them, by exploring her relationship with her own best friend, artist + photographer, Brianna Wilson. Mira Moreau writes: “Kelly Gallagher put into film something so powerful and visceral… I think many women were so affected by My Gossip because it was one of very few times we’ve seen authentic female friendship on screen. Just women declaring their love for each other, and not for an audience, and especially not for an audience of men.” The film was awarded Black Maria Film Festival’s Jury “Stellar Award,” for best Documentary of 2019. Feminist Film scholar and filmmaker Gwendolyn Audrey Foster included My Gossip in her top 10 films of 2019.

In February of 2020, Brianna created a zine companion to the film, MY GOSSIP Zine Volume 1. You can view the zine above and the film below. 

For MY GOSSIP Zine Volume 2, Gallagher + Wilson invite your contributions! Submit your own screenshots of texts and chats and DMs with your BFFs, girlfriends, femmes, gals, non-binary besties, + any and all of your ride or die friends for inclusion in the next zine! Email all submissions to !